About Us

After over half a century of industrial development in Taiwan, The number of environmental litigation cases has been increasing. A group of legal professionals, sensing the vulnerability of environmental cases within the legal system, established the Environmental Jurists Association (EJA) in 2010.

We are dedicated to addressing theBeca judicial gap in environmental cases for public benefit. We invite more young lawyers to join us, sharing our ideals and experiences. We facilitate connections between citizens, scholars, and community partners to support residents in engaging with administrative and judicial processes. Our efforts include accompanying affected individuals as they participate in public demonstrations and proceed to court.

Association Mission

The purpose of our association is to unite legal professionals who are concerned with environmental protection laws and related issues. We aim to engage in discussions and take legal actions on matters related to environmental public interests. Additionally, we seek to establish networks and interactive platforms for discussion with other environmental organizations or individuals. Through our involvement in community and national environmental initiatives and international cooperation, we strive to ensure the sustainable balance of natural ecology, economy, and cultural environment, in line with intergenerational fairness and justice.

Handling Environmental Public Interest Cases

  • Planning and executing legal services for environmental public interest cases.
  • Accepting individual or group commissions to carry out environmental legal services.
  • Other related environmental public interest cases.

  • Study of Sound Environmental Legal System

  • Collecting and organizing domestic environmental public interest cases and relevant statistical data.
  • Collecting and organizing legislative examples of environmental laws and relevant international regulations from various countries around the world.
  • Reviewing and discussing the current environmental legal system in our country.The locations for related seminars should be considered to rotate nationwide based on practical circumstances.
  • Presenting proposals for legal amendments and additions in a report, submitting them to relevant units, and actively engaging in advocacy efforts.
  • Pursuant to Article 31 of the Basic Environmental Law, promoting the establishment of a legal assistance fund for environmental law by the central government to promote matters beneficial to environmental development.

  • Promotion of Environmental Legal Education

  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and other activities related to environmental public interest issues.
  • Conducting training courses on practical legal application for community residents, educational institutions at all levels, administrative agencies, or other environmental protection organizations.
  • Compiling environmental law textbooks. Publishing specialized journals on environmental law.

  • Establishment of Environmental Advisory Network and Interactive Platform

  • Integrating lawyers, legal scholars, and other professionals in the field of law or related areas who are concerned with environmental protection laws and other environmental issues, our association forms an advisory network and interactive platform to support proposals presented or conducted by our association.
  • In line with the mission of our association, we engage in communication, visitations, and participation in or hosting international conferences and seminars to exchange ideas and collaborate with experts and scholars from other countries or international organizations. By drawing on similar case handling experiences and studying legislative examples and international regulations from other countries, we aim to expand the environmental advisory network of our association worldwide.

  • Get to Know Us

    Work Team

    Every initiative undertaken reflects the core philosophy of EJA: the symbiotic relationship between people, the environment, and the land, always standing with the oppressed. The road ahead is long, and I am grateful to have you walking alongside me.
    Kalen Chien
    Esq. - 5th Term Chairperson
    Looking ahead to 2024, the Environmental Law Practitioners Association is seeking to explore new avenues to comprehensively promote environmental education and concentrate our efforts on concrete practices of sustainable development. Simultaneously, we remain committed to pursuing every legal case vigorously. We also aspire to gradually expand our presence internationally, particularly in the Asian region, by continuing to collaborate closely with relevant organizations of environmental law practitioners. Together, we aim to address global environmental governance issues, especially climate change, with seriousness. Our goal is to ensure that environmental administrative legislation keeps pace with the constantly evolving social landscape, addressing shortcomings in legal frameworks promptly. This represents our association's attitude, mission, and the driving force behind our determination to persist and lead.
    Hong-Yi Kuo

    Board of Directors

    Director General| Kalen Chien

    Deputy directors General| Chiajung Hsu

    Executive Directors|Kalen Chien, Chiajung Hsu, Fang-Chun Chu, Chun-Yuan Lin, Yu-yin Chang

    Directors| Yu-Cheng Wang, Mu-Xing Mori Lin, Hsiu-Hsiung Dai, Roy Huang, Yen-Sheng Ho, Po-Cheng (Harvey) Lin, Pin-Wen Yang, Chung-Hsien Lee, Wei-Chun Hsu, Nien-Feng Hsin

    Executive Supervisor|Chia-Wei Chang

    Supervisors| Yuwen Tu, Huei-Yu Huang


    Administrative Cashier| Chia-Pei Wu

    Administrative Specialist| Yu-An Chen

    Issue Specialist|Mei-Chieh Nien

    Integrated Marketing Manager| Miao-Chi Liu

    Fourth Board of Directors and Supervisors(2019.03.25-2022.03.24)

    Director General|Yu-yin Chang
    Executive Directors|Fang-Chun ChuMu-Xing Mori LinFeng-Pin HuangKalen Chien
    Directors|Chun-Yuan LinPuma ShenNien-Feng HsinYuwen TuChia-Wei ChangWen-Huai HsuHong-Yi KuoPin-Wen YangYi-Ling HsiungRoy Huang
    Executive Supervisor|Wei-Chun Hsu
    Supervisors|Huang-Ching WuWei-Lun SuCheng-Chi Huang

    Third Board of Directors and Supervisors(2016.03.25~2019.03.24)

    Director General|Yu-yin Chang
    Executive Directors|Yu-Cheng WangFang-Chun ChuYuwen TuChun-Yuan Lin
    Directors|Yun-Ju WangNien-Feng HsinShu-Chen ShihHong-Yi KuoLing-Ching FuFeng-Pin HuangJu-Hui Liu
    Executive Supervisor|Chung-Hsi Li
    Supervisors|Huang-Ching WuCheng-Chi HuangKun-Shan Cheng

    Second Board of Directors and Supervisors(2013.02.04~2016.02.03)

    Director General|Thomas Chan
    Executive Directors|Yu-Cheng WangSan-Chia LinWen-Chen ChangYu-yin Chang
     Directors|Robin J. WinklerYun-Ju WangFang-Chun ChuAi-Lun LiYuwen TuShu-Chen ShihJu-Hui LiuChih-Yang TsaiYing-Lei ChangWen-Chi Tai

    Executive Supervisor|Chung-Hsi Li
    Supervisors|Cheng-Chi HuangJui-Ming HuangFeng-Pin HuangShu-Ling Yang

    First Board of Directors and Supervisors(2010.01.30~2013.01.29)

    Director General|Robin J. Winkler
    Executive Directors|Yu-Cheng WangSan-Chia LinHsun-Chia ChangLing-Ching Fu
    Directors|Chung-Hsi LiShu-Chen ShihKang-Hsiang FanCheng-Chi HuangFeng-Pin HuangShu-Ling YangJu-Hui LiuHsin-Pei FanChih-Yang TsaiYa-Ying Tsai
    Executive Supervisor|Jui-Ming Huang
    Supervisors|Fang-Chun ChuChien-Liang LiYu-yin ChangThomas Chan