Environmental Jurists Association

An organization of Jurists that are concerned about environmental protection, avoiding illegal land development and taking legal action on matters related to environmental welfare. We encourage young lawyers to participate in environmental litigation for public benefit. We expect that more people could join us and protect our beloved Taiwan.

The Environmental Jurists Association aims to safeguard the sustainable balance of natural ecology, economy, and cultural environment that aligns with intergenerational equity and justice. Through practical legal actions, building networks, and interactive platforms for discussion, we participate in local community and national environmental policies, as well as international cooperation.

Environmental Network Platform

We periodically organize Environmental Impact Assessment workshops to train environmental organizations from various regions to enhance their ability to participate in EIA reviews.

Environmental Legal Education

EJA assists student members who care about environmental justice by providing opportunities to participate in real-life cases and collaborating with legal service societies on campus.

Environmental Public Interest Cases

In administrative litigation, people lose up to 90% of the time, highlighting the difficult challenges of environmental lawsuits. When residents lacking expertise face cases of improper development, it is like David versus Goliath. EJA's mission is to assemble a professional team of lawyers, expert scholars, and civil society groups to support residents in litigation, discuss movement strategies, and provide legal assistance."

Strengthening Environmental Legislation

EJA mobilizes legal professionals, scholars, civil society groups, and others to form working groups that draft more progressive environmental regulations. Through political campaigns, we advocate to administrative agencies, support local organizations, engage in social communication, and participate in conferences, among other activities. EJA aims to ensure the protection of both the environment and human rights.

Transportation Policy
Energy Policy
Land Development

Corporate Sustainability

Land and Human Rights
Climate Litigation
Environmental Impact Assessment

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