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If you need assistance with environmental-related cases such as pollution (land, air, water, chemical, etc.), environmental impact assessments, land development, land acquisition, science park development, old trees, cultural heritage, urban renewal, urban planning, and more, please use the form below to contact us!

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We welcome teachers and students from various campuses to contact us to discuss opportunities for environmental protection legal internships, environmental education, lectures, project collaborations, and more.

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Protecting the environment requires significant effort and time. Regardless of your expertise or age, you can help us advance our work! (Click the title link to the volunteer form)

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Common Donation Questions

The daily work of EJA requires your support to continue!

Environmental Public Interest Litigation: Our professional team of lawyers, experts, scholars, and civic groups accompanies residents in litigation and strategy discussions, providing legal assistance.


Environmental Regulation Research: We mobilize professional legal workers, scholars, and civic groups to form teams to draft progressive environmental regulations. Through congressional lobbying, visits to administrative agencies, local organizations, social advocacy, and participation in meetings, we implement environmental protection and human rights safeguards.


Operational Costs: Administrative, human resources, and daily expenses that maintain the lifeline of EJA.

Regular small monthly donations accumulate over time and are a crucial support for our long-term environmental work! You can make regular donations using a credit card or bank account.

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Yes. Please refer to the authorization form’s sections. When selecting payment by credit card, postal savings book, or bank ACH regular transfer, the actual payer must sign or stamp the authorization form. The ID number of the payer must be provided to complete the administrative process.

*Note: If there is more than one donor and separate receipts are needed, please fill out separate authorization forms.

If you choose to file your taxes using the “itemized deductions” method, according to regulations, you can opt for a tax deduction for your donations, and our organization will provide the necessary donation receipts for each donation.

According to Article 17, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Income Tax Act, you may deduct donations up to 20% of your total consolidated income using the itemized deduction method. Please keep your donation receipts properly for the May tax declaration of the following year to apply for tax reduction.

Note:To declare your 2023 income tax in May 2024, include the income from January 1 to December 31, 2023. To utilize the tax deduction for donations, ensure that the donation receipt date falls between January 1 and December 31, 2023, to be applicable for the 2023 tax deduction.


If you are not a national of the Republic of China Please note that:

  1. A receipt for tax deduction is available only for Taiwanese residents.
  2. You will be charged in NT (New Taiwan Dollar), and a foreign transaction fee may apply.
  3. A donation statement will be sent to the email address you provide.

For further inquiries or to request a soft copy of the receipt, please contact us at email:


Please call or email us, and a specialist will assist you with the process.